How to apply?

There are many interesting and exciting education options in New Zealand, which means that you will need to conduct careful research to see which course, institution and study location is best for you.

Applying to educational institutions in New Zealand is simple, but it requires careful planning and can take some time.

Here is some advice to assist you with the application process:

Step 1 — Choose your course and education provider

Step 2 — Apply

Step 3 — Have your application processed

Step 4 — Accept your offer

Step 5 — Prepare for departure

Step 1 — Choose a course and institution

Start by researching courses to determine what you would like to study. Look at features such as subjects, specialisations, and tuition fees. At the start of your research process, you can narrow down your choices by field of study (such as business or humanities) as well as the level of study. You may be interested in studying a bachelor degree after completing secondary school in your home country, gaining some practical knowledge and experience in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector or improving your academic or English language skills by undertaking a form of preparatory study.

Once you have a course or area of study in mind, it is time to choose an education provider. Start by working out where you can study your course, then look at the specific attributes of institutions on this list. Consider aspects such as the size of the campus, the quality of facilities, proximity to amenities and the proportion of international students on campus.

Step 2 — Submit your application

Once you have chosen a course and education provider, the next step is to begin submitting applications. You can usually submit your application online, using the education provider’s website, or by post. Some institutions charge an application fee, but this may be waived for students applying online.

You will usually need to provide information such as:

You have to provide certified true copy of following documents;

  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Academic Certificates/Degrees

In addition to above records, applicant has to provide;

  • Intrest 
  • Summary of employment history (Resume/CV)

Step 3 — Wait for your application to be processed

Now that you have submitted your application, you will need to wait for it to be processed by the education provider. The time taken to process applications varies between institutions. It can take a few weeks before you are notified of the result of your application, and this process may be longer for postgraduate courses.

Step 4 — Acceptance of offer letter

Acceptance applicant will receive the offer letter from the selected institution. This document may include details regarding steps/measures to be followed by the applicant by accepting this offer.

Step 5 — Application for Visa

Once you have been accepted into your chosen course and institution, you can begin making arrangements to come to New Zealand. If you have applied for a course that is less than three months in duration, you will be able to apply for a visitor visa. If the course you have applied for is longer than three months in duration, you will need to obtain a New Zealand student visa. See Student visas for more information.

Step 6 — Departure to New Zealand

Once you have obtained a visa, it is time to make additional arrangements such as travel and health insurance, organising your flights, finding accommodation and preparing to live in New Zealand. Your institution may provide an admissions package to help you navigate this process.

Note: Vision Education agents in your home country can also help you with applying to study in New Zealand.